At Charlie Joe fashion is not a trend, it is also a commitment. Philippe and Muriel strive to reconcile values and aesthetics, enhancing the materials and the quality of the production process in the creation of their pieces, justifying their fair and equitable prices.


Valuing handcraft and local expertise, ensuring respect of the value chain in the making of clothing.

Charlie Joe's productions take place in: India and Indonesia for textile pieces as well as hand or machine-assisted embroidery, and in China and Peru for knitwear.

Places of inspirations and discoveries, where the expertise is rich and transmitted from generation to generation. 

Each person involved in the production of a piece, from the creation of its print to the latest seams, bring their expertise throughout the entire creation and production process.

It is a team effort.


Cotton, viscose, rayon, linen, are the materials used this season.

"To sublimate very feminine and fluid silhouettes, always enveloped in 100% natural fabrics." Muriel Jaffe 


Every unsold piece of each season are kept preciously in Charlie Joe's warehouse, in order to be eventually sold during our annual clearance sales for the old pieces. Or donated to the 'Glees and Mix' events organized by our association partner Espoir au Sommet. 

Indeed, each year the association Espoir au Sommet organizes and evening party in Marseille during the Pink October, as well as a weekend for Easter in the French mountains, all during which games, such as raffles take place. Prices are involved, including some Charlie Joe pieces. 

All of the benefits collected during those events are donated to the Paoli Calmette Institute in Marseille for the cause of breast cancer. 

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